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…not hugging your husband when he comes home, no matter how long he’s been sailing because of the smell.

…he proudly brings home his chocolate rations so we can share it together.…rushing to the harbour to see the boat coming in (with dog/cat/child in tow) …being a tour guide in your own home because your husband can’t find anything in the house as he’s constantly away and can’t remember where things are.…his total panic when having to wear ‘The Whites’ (as they are so used to ‘The Blues’) ….terms like ‘turning’ doesn’t mean the whole submarine is turned (rather, all instruments are checked) , ‘close up’ is not a brand of toothpaste but an order to take over a duty post and ‘blowing the heads’ doesn’t mean that people’s heads are exploding but that the toilets are being flushed out.…fearing it’s bad news every time the Navy phone rings.…complete admiration for how he survives the conditions on board and still comes home smiling.…the intense loneliness you feel in your heart when he has cast off.

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