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We hear the lovely metaphysical ballad, “I’ll try anything once”, one of the quintet’s calmest and best written tunes, in her melancholic movie To add some spice and glitz to all that, the 2000s were marked by the ultra-publicised romance between curly haired drummer Fabrizio Moretti and Hollywood child star Drew Barrymore - possibly the coolest and naughtiest couple to ever hit the red carpet. album, each one went their separate ways to work on solo projects.While they reunited in 2009 to work on some Strokes tracks, they didn’t reappear together until 2011, leaving fans and the press ruminating about their comeback.The Azzaro perfume model has also been immortalised by Elizabeth Peyton (to whom we owe portraits of legendary rock stars such as Kurt Cobain).In good company – particularly when it comes to their image – the group shot several music videos with Roman Coppola, son of Francis and sister of Sofia. She’s often mentioned her love for the Lower East Side band and even used one of their songs in a film.

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The New York band release their first album which instantly revives the rock’n’roll legend in all its glorious wildness and arrogant urgency.

There’s the tense, dirty riffs just like on a good old Television track, the album cover showing a gloved hand on a lady’s naked derriere (replaced by a particle collision in the countries who deemed hand on bum too risqué) and the subversive lyrics of the song “New York City Cops”.

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