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And that's why you never hear of them bringing any of the Thirteen, or various Sideways, through the gates.A: The Tarn I am most familiar with is a judge on the popular holovid program, Cybertron’s Got Talent.While we're on the subject, I find the name a bit...

Q: Dear Vector Prime, I'm thinking of building a house, and was recently approached by three little pigs who seem to be in the construction trade.Q: Dear Vector Prime, How much metal could a chuckbot chuck if a chuckbot could chuck metal?I suppose, if a chuckbot could chuck metal, a chuckbot would chuck all the metal that a chuckbot could chuck, if a chuckbot could chuck metal.Perhaps you should read this to see which topics I have already covered.Q: Dear Vector Prime, Is there any universe you could go to that you would refuse to go to no matter what?I do have another question for you, Vector Prime, and it's a bit of a personal one, I suppose: How do you feel about answering our endless (and sometimes pointless, I'm afraid) questions?

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